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Services & Calibration
PMGS is well equipped with the knowledge, skill and personnel in servicing and calibrating of various type of Governors.

PMGS undertakes servicing and calibration of Woodward Governors, Namely SG,PSG, UG-8D,UG-40D,PGPL,PGG-58, PGG-200, PGA, PG-EV, PGR, PGD, UG, TG series and Actuators type EGB-10P, TG 17E, PGEG,UG-Actuators, EG3P and EG6P.

Apart from Woodward Governors PMGS also handles skilfully the Europa Governors EHP-34, 1141-3G-25, 1102, 1131, Russian Governor,OPH-30 and CKD Governors.

PMGS does complete dismantling , overhauling, inspection, polishing of components, assembling, calibrating and testing of Governors.

Each Governors repair- job will undergo stringent bench test and stimulation test before completion. PMGS test procedure includes calibration and adjustment in tune with the original maker's test and specification. Governor serviced by PMGS are as good as new one in all respects with a new coat of paint.

PMGS replace worn-out parts with standard parts in the maintenance of all make and models of Governors. Worn-out parts are return to customers.

The inspection report, calibration test reading, guarantee certificate etc., are sent to the customers and copies of which will be retained at PMGS office for future reference. PMGS stand guarantee for 6 months for all the serviced Governors.

PMGS has ready stock of essential components for immediate replacement to avoid delay in servicing of Governors.

PMGS has also permits the customers for the joint inspection of worn-out components after dismantling of the Governor and while calibrating the Governors on test bench.

PMGS also undertakes field services at customer's site related to Governor hunting, load sharing, generators synchronizing problems and other trouble shooting.
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